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Stressed with that thesis statement? Or perhaps you specialise in psychology but need a little brush up on statistical analysis. Or, maybe you’re just starting out and need some guidance on where to begin with your psychology statistics lessons. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there and we’re here to help!


Need an online tutor who specialises in psychology statistics to help you with your studies? Book a session with an expert psychology tutor in Sydney. We offer psychology statistics tutoring for university students in Sydney, both undergraduate and postgraduate. We also offer research consulting services if you need help with your psychology thesis projects. In addition to statistics for psychology tutoring, we also offer enhanced mentoring with thesis editing, data and statistical analysis and output interpretation.

Not in Sydney? Don’t worry, we offer one-on-one online tutoring lessons for postgraduate and undergraduate students in and around Australia.


Unsure of how to go about your thesis? Struggling to come up with a strong, concise thesis statement? Let a qualified tutor help you out – we offer professional guidance from experienced psychology statistics tutors.

We know writing up hypotheses seems tricky, but don’t worry – we can help with that too. We can also provide assistance in terms of hypotheses formulation as well as statistical analysis and interpretation of data.

Our psychology tutors can teach you helpful tips on different strategies to use for your research. For example, techniques on data collection or guidance on how to run and interpret an analysis and determine the significance of those numbers.


Still staring at that statistics assignment worth 50% of your final mark? Don’t panic! Uni Stats Tutor can take the pressure off your shoulders and provide you with a much-needed help.

Whether you are struggling with your assignments or just need a bit of extra guidance, we have competent psychology tutors and statistics tutors who will go the extra mile to help you achieve success.


Got a statistics exam coming up and not sure how to differentiate between ANOVA and chi-square? We can lend a hand with those statistical theories and make it easy to comprehend. We aim to make each one of your online tutoring sessions with us worthwhile. Allowing for the best tutoring possible, you will always be matched up with a psychology statistics tutor who specialises in your needs.

"They helped me analyse my data and were able to explain what it actually meant"
Anne, Masters Student
"I needed 90% to keep my marks up for honours entry. Jamie was a huge help and gave me great support and assistance on my big stats assignment"
Mark, 3rd year student
“I was 2 weeks away from my exam and freaking out so I looked online for help. I'm so glad I found this site, I wish our lecturer explained things just as clearly."
Jess, 1st year student
Psychology and Statistics Tutorial Service in Sydney
Before meeting Jamie, statistics was daunting for me. However, Jamie's approach made stats not only more manageable but interesting. The high distinction I achieved in my first statistics subject directly resulted from his excellent tutoring. This is a feat I once thought impossible, and it speaks volumes about Jamie's ability to instil confidence and understanding in his students.Jamie's teaching style is highly interactive and tailored to your individual needs. He begins each concept from the ground up, ensuring that even the most complex topics are accessible and understandable. The self-directed nature of his teaching, where he adeptly adjusts to the specific areas we need to focus on, is hugely impressive (what does Jamie not know?!) ... and incredibly effective. He possesses fantastic knowledge of all aspects of university coursework, from stats and research to essay writing and APA-style citations. His versatility as a tutor is brilliant.Moreover, Jamie' makes every minute count. He values time — starting and ending sessions punctually, utilising every minute to maximise learning without unnecessary diversions.Any student would be fortunate to have Jamie as their guide through the complexities of learning Psychology at uni.
Jamie is professional, knowledgeable and prompt with his tutoring. I highly recommend his services.
Jamie’s help was invaluable as I worked through my thesis results. He is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to statistics and was great at helping me get my head around some of the more complex analysis. I really enjoyed working with Jamie, and highly recommend his service. My final thesis result - first class 🙂
I had a really good experience with Uni Stats Tutor who ensured that I successfully completed my studies. The tutor was very responsive, available and supported any additional sessions requested. The Tutor was able to recognise strategies to my learning needs, they were able to explain concepts in different ways to support my understanding and assisted in helping me learn how to apply the knowledge to my studies. I highly recommend Uni Stats tutor and plan to return when I progress into my Masters. Thanks Jamie 🙂
I recently sought Jamie's assistance and advice to get me up to speed on key statistical concepts including how to effectively run statistical tests and interpret their results from SPSS. Jamie clearly possesses a deep knowledge and expertise in statistics and is an absolute pro in the use of SPSS. He is able to explain key concepts in a clear and logical way. He is also able to ask the right questions and provide incredibly helpful insights into key things to be considered when presenting or reporting statistical data or results. Jamie's operations are also very professional. This is evidenced by his responsiveness when arranging a tutoring session. I can see why Jamie is consistently booked out well in advance. I would highly recommend Jamie to anyone seeking to sharpen up their statistical skills. I will definitely be seeking his expert assistance again in the future!
I reached out to Jamie due to struggling with a psychology statistics unit at Uni. He made time for me with minimal notice and my grades have since been up at a much higher level. Can't thank him enough!
Jamie was an amazing tutor, so patient and took the time to explain things multiple times, ensuring I understood everything. I would highly recommend Jamie to anyone needing stats tutoring!
Jamie assisted me in my first semester with stats, which was my first attempt at math since high school. Jamie proved to be an excellent resource to assist in my understanding of topics, and was able to provide details on areas of information I didn’t understand from the course work. This resulted in grades I am very happy with for the semester.
Jamie assisted me during my psychology degree, particularly my honours year thesis. He was extremely knowledgeable (especially with stats) and had excellent attention to detail. As a result, I achieved first class honours. I couldn’t recommend him more highly. Thank you Jamie 🙂
Jamie was instrumental in helping me succeed in my final stats unit for the degree. Jamie was the only tutor who new factor analysis so well, its a complex area and i really needed someone who new the tips and tricks and could guide with each section of my report - very kind, patient, great attention to detail and very knowledge. I feel confident in returning to studies again soon knowing that Jamie is there to help 🙂
Jamie has been very helpful for my honours degree thus far. Jamie is efficient, has a high attention to detail, is very easy to work with. Would highly recommend!
Jamie is an excellent tutor and taught me all the critical components of high-quality research and report writing. I highly recommend Jamie for acing APA formatting and report writing.
Jamie has been an incredible help with my course material. Completing my honours for psyc, I was required to complete an advanced statistics course. It had been years since I studied stats, and I was completely out of my depth. With Jamie's help, I have been able to get amazing grades in this course. Jamie has a fantastic ability to break down difficult statistical procedures into digestible and understandable concepts. He was also able to provide great feedback on my assignments before I submitted them. I can't recommend Jamie highly enough if you are worried about your upcoming stats courses.
I write this review with an enormous level of gratitude and thanks to Jamie for his tutoring of units of Psychology with my Undergraduate Degree. I have improved my GPA from 5.25 to 6.1 since being tutored by Jamie. I have experienced substantial improvements with Statistics this last semester as well as psychological psychometric testing and assessment unit. Jamie's ability to teach me by using glyphs, images, as well as formulas has been essential for my development. I highly recommend Jamie as a Tutor.
I have used Jamie on three separate occasions and could not recommend him highly enough. Jamie is a great teacher: he is patient, organised, thorough and has excellent communication skills. Jamie is incredibly knowledgeable and takes the time to make sure you understand what he is teaching you.
Jamie is just phenomenal. I was really struggling with Statistics & felt so much out of my depth until i got help from Jamie. He is patient, non judgmental, has extraordinary knowledge but best of all he has a way of communicating that makes something difficult seem so much easier. You wont find a more complete tutor, he is as good as it gets!
I cannot recommend Jamie highly enough. His calm and measured approach, along with his skill and knowledge of statistics enabled me to get through the final steps of my thesis and achieve a high grade. Jamie was responsive and professional. Thank you so much Jamie!!
One of the best services I have used. During my undergrad I failed statistics and barely passed even when i repeated the unit. During my 4th year I decided to use a stats tutor to help develop my understanding and I achieved and 86. Jamie was able to explain everything easily and solidified my learning. I highly recommend him to anyone at any level in their journey
Thank you so much for your support. Your tutoring for 5 weeks in Semester One this year (2020) supported me with achieving a Distinction Mark of 78, in Statistics 2nd Year Psychology. My University results for Statistics in Year one was only 56, I increased my grade from a pass to a distinction with your tutoring. (Thank you so much - I am so grateful). Jamie has an incredible ability in teaching Statistics. My overwhelm and fear has dissipated and I know feel confident when interpreting Lab Report Results. I highly Recommend Jamie
This is the second time I have used uni stats tutor. Sessions are online and I guide them to where I need help. When I ask for help for an assignment Jamie will guide me During a tut session and I am then left to complete it on my own.This semester I received a Distinction and high distinction for my assignments. Jamie ensures that you understand the concepts and what is needed to be presented. I am so happy with the service I received. Yes it is expensive, but very much worth the money. I would never have gotten through stats without the in depth explanations during our tut sessions. Thank you Jamie
I needed assistance with Advanced Statistics and after two sessions with Jamie I was able to increase from a pass to a high distinction. He is able to provide guidance with SPSS as well the theory behind the different analysis. He was extremely helpful and I felt more confident about the very daunting world of stats!
Jamie is both professional and extremely competent. He has a deep working knowledge of statistics and psychology and has provided me with first class tutoring throughout my academic studies. His tutoring had a direct, positive impact on my marks, resulting in me gaining high distinctions for all my statistics classes. I highly recommend Jamie and continue to work with him as I progress through my Master's degree.
I was feeling quite desperate after being given a stats assessment with very little guidance from my tutor. After googling around I found Jamie, I was a bit unsure at first but after our first meeting I knew I had made an excellent decision. Jamie is professional, understanding and a huge help He can explain complex things in an easy way and the dual working screen makes it easier to see what he means. I have since used Jamie's services a number of times and have never been disappointed, he really is a huge help and I would highly recommend him to all from undergrad to postgrad his knowledge is extensive.

Psychology Statistics Tutor Profiles

Mr Jamie Moore

Jamie is a psychology statistics tutor who shamelessly gets excited when the results are statistically significant. Armed with over 8 years of statistics knowledge collected during years of study and working on major international projects, including AusAid funded initiatives – Jamie and his team will help you get the mark you want.

Jamie Moore Psychology Statistics Tutor
Mr Jamie Moore - Psychology Statistics Tutor



Jess is a psychology tutor who actually enjoys APA formatting and writing references lists from scratch. While her research career has focused on treatment trials examining the efficacy of online programs, her clinical experience has primarily been with children, adolescents and families. Jess is a writing master, and is able to support with assignments, theses and ethics applications – or any other writing project you may have.

Dr Jessica Kirkmam - Psychology Tutor
Dr Jessica Kirkman - Psychology Tutor


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