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Are you just starting your thesis or slaving away trying to finish it? Perhaps you aced stats but haven’t looked at it in years and just need a refresh. Or maybe you’re an undergraduate student who stares blankly at your tutor when he explains the latest statistics assignment. Whatever it is, we can help.



About Us

We specialize in postgraduate & undergraduate psychology statistics. We offer statistics tutoring and research consulting to thesis, postgraduate and undergraduate students. More advanced support with thesis editing, data analysis, and output interpretation is also available. Not based in Sydney? Our mentoring is available both one-on-one and online for students in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, and Adelaide. 




We can help you write your hypotheses, give advice on how to collect your data or guide you through how to run and interpret your analysis and explain what those numbers actually mean.




Staring blankly at that statistics assignment that’s worth 50% of your mark and have no idea where to start, we can help. Get in touch and decrease your assignment stress immediately.




So your exam is coming up and the difference between an ANOVA and a chi-square scores make as much sense as it did in Week 1.  We can help you make sense of those theories and put those psychology statistics into practice.



"They helped me analyse my data and were able to explain what it actually meant"

Anne, Masters Student

"I needed 90% to keep my marks up for honours entry. Jamie was a huge help and gave me great support and assistance on my big stats assignment"

Mark, 3rd year student

“I was 2 weeks away from my exam and freaking out so I looked online for help. I'm so glad I found this site, I wish our lecturer explained things just as clearly."

Jess, 1st year student

Mr Jamie Moore

Jamie is a psychology statistics tutor who shamelessly gets excited when the results are statistically significant. Armed with over 8 years of statistics knowledge collected during years of study and working on major international projects, including AusAid funded initiatives – Jamie and his team will help you get the mark you want.





  • Confirmatory factor analysis GLM, multiple regression, Factorial ANOVA, ANOVA, t-test, non-parametric tests, correlation etc
  • 1st Class Honours Thesis – confirmatory factor analysis & multiple regression
  • Quantitative Team Leader on an AusAid funded international research project
  • Assisted countless PhD & Masters students analyse and interpret their thesis data
  • Thesis editing + APA formatting
  • Assisted countless undergraduate students achieve the best assignment and exam mark possible



Dr Jessica Kirkman

Jess is a psychology tutor who actually enjoys APA formatting and writing references lists from scratch. While her research career has focused on treatment trials examining the efficacy of online programs, her clinical experience has primarily been with children, adolescents and families. Jess is a writing master, and is able to support with assignments, theses and ethics applications – or any other writing project you may have.





  • Assisted students to achieve their best assignment and exam marks possible to gain entrance into Honours, Masters and Higher Degree Research programs.
  • PhD (Clinical Psychology)- Beyond the Clinic: Access Early Intervention- An e-Health Treatment for Childhood Behaviour Disorders
  • First Class Honours Thesis – Teachers’ Beliefs and Social Cognitive Influences Associated with Teachers’ Likelihood to Intervene in Different Types of Bullying
  • Presenter at numerous conferences including the 8th World Congress of Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies (Melbourne, Australia), the 13th National Rural Health Conference (Darwin, Australia), the 14th European Congress of Psychology (Milan, Italy) and the No2Bullying Conference (Brisbane, Australia)
  • Assisted countless Undergraduate, Masters and PhD students conduct research/literature reviews, formulate critiques, write reports, structure essays, and prepare presentations.
  • Honours, Masters and PhD Thesis editing and guidance
  • APA formatting of assignments, theses and publications



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