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Are you just starting your thesis or slaving away trying to finish it? Maybe you are an expert in statistics and just need to brush up on some concepts. Or maybe you are one of those students intimidated by the amount of material your psych teacher just laid out in front of you, and struggling with your thesis and statistics assignments in this field. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there and we’re here to help!


Looking for a specialised tutor in psychology statistics? Schedule a session with a friendly and experienced statistics and psychology tutor in Brisbane.  Our tutors are highly trained and qualified to assist with postgraduate and undergraduate research, offering range of services including research consulting for thesis projects and one-on-one psychology advanced concepts tutoring. We offer our students more than just coursework guidance. Some of the specialised mentoring that we provide includes thesis editing, data analysis and output interpretation.

Not located in Brisbane? Don’t worry, check out other cities and locations we have available and connect with us for specialised tutoring and mentoring sessions.


Research is a long and tedious process, but we can help make your research as efficient and successful as possible. We’ll show you how to write an effective hypothesis statement that will set the tone for all of your future data collection efforts.

Data analysis is about discovering insights from raw numbers. One of the most crucial parts to this task is knowing what tools and techniques are available for collecting data, interpreting it, and testing its significance. Our psychology statistics tutors can help you learn the ropes and techniques of data analysis.

Sometimes, all you need is a fresh pair of eyes on your paper. Our individual thesis and dissertation editing assistance can help with proofreading and grammatical corrections to ensure that nothing gets past without our attention.


That statistics assignment worth 50% of your final mark seems to be getting the best of you? Sounds like you need a topnotch psychology statistics tutor! Get in touch with a Uni Stats Tutor today and let us take some of that pressure off your shoulders! Don’t waste any more time in confusion and frustration. Get the answers you need when it comes to simple or complex statistics assignments, no matter how big or small they may be.


Your university exams are just around the corner, but you’re still having trouble differentiating between ANOVA and chi-square scores? Our goal is to help you make sense of all those statistical theories and put these methods into practice.

Uni Stats Tutor offers one-on-one mentoring with a qualified  and well-experienced psychology statistics tutor. We’ll work closely with you to ensure we’re giving you the best possible tutoring possible!

"Working with Jamie has been one of the best decisions I made while writing my psychology thesis. I wish I'd found him earlier! His work was accurate, fast and he has the attention to detail that you need while writing a research paper. Bringing him on board helped me to feel calm and supported in a place where not too many people understand your goal. Don't wait! The peace of mind is worth it. Thank you Jamie"
"Jamie's support has been invaluable and very effective. I have asked Jamie several times for help with assignments in statistics. He responded promptly and in a professional manner. Working with Jamie enhanced my learning experience because he is able to explain statistics in a language that is easy to understand."
“Jamie was a miracle worker. I was stuck on the statistic parts of my thesis so did a quick google search for a psych stats tutor, found Jamie, got a response the same night and booked a session for two days time. Jamie helped me understand my findings and work through statistical speed bumps. More than this he picked out parts of interest that stuck out statistically. If I had known something like the services Jamie provides was possible, I would have had him from the very beginning of my thesis. Highly recommended."
Psychology and Statistics Tutorial Service in Brisbane
Before meeting Jamie, statistics was daunting for me. However, Jamie's approach made stats not only more manageable but interesting. The high distinction I achieved in my first statistics subject directly resulted from his excellent tutoring. This is a feat I once thought impossible, and it speaks volumes about Jamie's ability to instil confidence and understanding in his students.Jamie's teaching style is highly interactive and tailored to your individual needs. He begins each concept from the ground up, ensuring that even the most complex topics are accessible and understandable. The self-directed nature of his teaching, where he adeptly adjusts to the specific areas we need to focus on, is hugely impressive (what does Jamie not know?!) ... and incredibly effective. He possesses fantastic knowledge of all aspects of university coursework, from stats and research to essay writing and APA-style citations. His versatility as a tutor is brilliant.Moreover, Jamie' makes every minute count. He values time — starting and ending sessions punctually, utilising every minute to maximise learning without unnecessary diversions.Any student would be fortunate to have Jamie as their guide through the complexities of learning Psychology at uni.
Antonia M
Antonia M
03:01 15 Nov 23
Absolutely brilliant. Helped me pass an extremely tough 3rd year uni unit that I had previously failed on. I would definitely recommend if you are struggling with advanced SPSS statistics.
alicia hart
alicia hart
11:54 06 Nov 21

Psychology Statistics Tutor Profiles

Mr Jamie Moore

Jamie is a psychology statistics tutor who shamelessly gets excited when the results are statistically significant. Armed with over 8 years of statistics knowledge collected during years of study and working on major international projects, including AusAid funded initiatives – Jamie and his team will help you get the mark you want.

Jamie Moore Psychology Statistics Tutor
Mr Jamie Moore - Psychology Statistics Tutor



Jess is a psychology tutor who actually enjoys APA formatting and writing references lists from scratch. While her research career has focused on treatment trials examining the efficacy of online programs, her clinical experience has primarily been with children, adolescents and families. Jess is a writing master, and is able to support with assignments, theses and ethics applications – or any other writing project you may have.

Dr Jessica Kirkmam - Psychology Tutor
Dr Jessica Kirkman - Psychology Tutor


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