PSY Tutor Ltd Cancellation Policy

What is the policy?

PSY Tutor Ltd requires that all sessions are pre-paid at least 2 days before the session. You will be sent an invoice for payment via bank transfer, credit card or paypal that has a due date listed. If payment is not made by the due date you may receive a reminder email or your session may be given to another student.  

The payment of your session secures the scheduled appointment. We understand at times it may be necessary to change and cancel appointments. It is the policy of PSY Tutor Ltd that at least 48 hours notice is given via email or SMS. If sufficient notice is given, the payment may be refundable and/or you may be able to reschedule your session (note that session times in the future cannot be guaranteed and are based on what is available). 

If less than 48 hours notice is given, PSY Tutor Ltd reserves the right to not refund your payment. A future session can be booked, however this will incur an additional session fee and the original payment will be forfeited. This additional session will be due at the time of booking to secure the session time.

If your invoice is not paid by the due date, PSY Tutor Ltd reserves the right to give your session to other students without providing you with notice. If you believe you had paid the invoice by the due date you will be required to send evidence to get your session time back. Future sessions can still be booked in these situations however all invoices will be due at time of booking to secure the session. 

What if my session finishes early?

Regarding time left over in your session- If you book a 60 minute session and it finishes 15 minutes early, this time does not carry over to be used for another session, or email/telephone consultation. At times PSY Tutor Ltd may agree to carry over time, or allow email communication, however this is at your tutors discretion. Please be cognisant of this policy when booking your sessions so you ensure you have plenty of material and questions to cover in that time. 

We also ask that you send all the information/documents you want to work on, prior to your session. This is not so we can read over the material you send (e.g. some students assume if they send a 10 page document, we will read it before the session). The reason we ask you to send it prior, is so that you don’t waste time in your session figuring out what to send us, and having time wasted by emails going back and forth. We have had unfortunate circumstances where students have come to the session and spent 20 minutes trying to find the documents/data files they wanted to review, and then having issues emailing them.

If you feel it is important we read or review information prior to the session, please give sufficient notice for us to do so. In this instance, if we have time, we will let you know how long the review/read will take, and either add this cost to your invoice, or remove it from the hours you have prepaid – we will always wait for you to agree to this before doing so – we will never work on things and use money you have paid without your permission. 

I’ve purchased 5-hours at the discounted price, but after 3 sessions all my questions are answered?

In this situation of course we will refund you any remaining sessions if adequate notice is given. Please note that if you paid for a 5-hour block at the discounted rate ($120 p/hr) the refund is applied based on the full rate ($140 p/hr). So if you used 3 hours (total cost usually would be $420 + GST), you’d get refunded $180 + GST, not $240 + GST (the 2 hours remaining from the block), as you would be charged the full session rate, not the discounted rate for buying and using 5 sessions.

Why have a cancellation policy?

Like many professional services we have a cancellation policy for many reasons, including:

  • You will get the best results from your investment in tutoring, by attending sessions as planned. We understand that prioritising your time can be tricky when life is busy. We hope the cancellation policy will assist you to prioritise your sessions, therefore, getting the most out of your tutoring.
  • We constantly have a high demand and long waiting lists for sessions. Our cancellation policy helps ensure we provide high-quality support to as many clients as possible each week, especially as so many are motivated to improve.
  • It is vital that we minimise the experience of ‘unused’ sessions as much as possible to ensure we can continue providing this service to students in the future. This is similar to booking a seat on a plane, considerable resources are used to ensure the seat is still available and if a customer doesn’t use their seat, they are still charged the full fare. 

If you have any questions about our cancellation policy please don’t hesitate to ask. Please remember, we really don’t want you to have to pay for a session that you don’t end up using, we would much rather you come along to your appointment and benefit from our assistance and support.