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Struggling with your final psychology thesis project? Maybe you are an expert in statistics for psychology and perhaps just need a little refresher, or you are one of those psychology students who stare blankly at your teacher whey they explain the latest statistical analysis assignment. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there and we’re happy to help!


In need of a statistics or psychology tutor in Melbourne? Uni Stats Tutor assists in both postgraduate and undergraduate psychology statistics. We offer statistics tutoring and research consulting to all university students in Melbourne including thesis, postgraduate and undergraduate studies. Uni Stats Tutors are qualified tutors and can offer more advanced support to psychology students in data analysis, research methods and statistical output interpretation. One-on-one online psychology tutoring sessions can help you get your head around complicated concepts and improve your expertise and knowledge in the field.

Looking for a tutor but not in Melbourne area? Don’t worry, we offer specialised psychology statistics tutoring services to postgraduate and undergraduate university students in Melbourne and Australia-wide through one-on-one online tutoring lessons.


You may be wondering, what are the benefits of getting a psychology tutor? Not only can our psychology statistics tutor help you with lessons and assignments, but can also assist in working with you on your statistical hypotheses. We will also provide you with valuable advice on different research methods you can use to carry out your statistics for psychology research. For instance, statistical techniques on data collection or even guidance on running and interpreting an analysis and determining the significance of those numbers.


Staring blankly at that statistics assignment that is worth 50% of your final mark with no idea where to even begin? Sounds like you’re in need of an online statistics tutor! Here at Uni Stats Tutor, no assignment or psychology lessons are too big or small. Get in touch today with our Melbourne tutors and let us take some of the pressure off your shoulders.


Have an upcoming statistics exam and still cannot tell the difference between and ANOVA and a chi-square score from your statistics for psychology lessons? We can help you make sense of those statistical theories! At Uni Stats Tutor, you will be paired with a psychology statistics tutor for a one-on-one online mentoring, allowing us to give the best psychology tutoring possible. Check out these testimonials from previous psychology students below!

"They helped me analyse my data and were able to explain what it actually meant"
Anne, Masters Student
"I needed 90% to keep my marks up for honours entry. Jamie was a huge help and gave me great support and assistance on my big stats assignment"
Mark, 3rd year student
“I was 2 weeks away from my exam and freaking out so I looked online for help. I'm so glad I found this site, I wish our lecturer explained things just as clearly."
Jess, 1st year student
Psychology and Statistics Tutorial Service in Melbourne
Jamie is professional, knowledgeable and prompt with his tutoring. I highly recommend his services.
I recently sought Jamie's assistance and advice to get me up to speed on key statistical concepts including how to effectively run statistical tests and interpret their results from SPSS. Jamie clearly possesses a deep knowledge and expertise in statistics and is an absolute pro in the use of SPSS. He is able to explain key concepts in a clear and logical way. He is also able to ask the right questions and provide incredibly helpful insights into key things to be considered when presenting or reporting statistical data or results. Jamie's operations are also very professional. This is evidenced by his responsiveness when arranging a tutoring session. I can see why Jamie is consistently booked out well in advance. I would highly recommend Jamie to anyone seeking to sharpen up their statistical skills. I will definitely be seeking his expert assistance again in the future!
As an early school leaver, I have had challenges in the past with coaches/tutors not catering to my pace/learning style. I was mind-blown by Jamie's professionalism, quality of tutoring and how he could teach me complex stats and break it down so simply for me to understand. He also let me record the zoom sessions so I could practice in my own time. Highly recommend this service. I will def request his services in future. I got so much value out of each and every single lesson.
Jamie is an absolute star! He has been so professional with explaining stats and helping with my analyses, and has incredible patience. Highly recommended and I will be using his services again next year.
Jamie's support has been invaluable and very effective. I have asked Jamie several times for help with assignments in statistics. He responded promptly and in a professional manner. Working with Jamie enhanced my learning experience because he is able to explain statistics in a language that is easy to understand.
Jamie is a fantastic tutor. I used his help and guidance for two psychology assignments so far and found invaluable insights when he reviews the work. He is very professional and friendly and makes it so easy to have session times meeting up online and sharing screens to review the work. I thoroughly recommend his services, you wont regret it.
I have used Jamie both in my psychology undergraduate and honours years. He has always been professional and has made complex stats analysis easy to understand. He was particularly helpful in assisting me with reporting results for my honours thesis. Money well spent! Thanks again Jamie
I cannot recommend Jamie highly enough. His calm and measured approach, along with his skill and knowledge of statistics enabled me to get through the final steps of my thesis and achieve a high grade. Jamie was responsive and professional. Thank you so much Jamie!!
Jamie is both professional and extremely competent. He has a deep working knowledge of statistics and psychology and has provided me with first class tutoring throughout my academic studies. His tutoring had a direct, positive impact on my marks, resulting in me gaining high distinctions for all my statistics classes. I highly recommend Jamie and continue to work with him as I progress through my Master's degree.
Jamie provided me with a much-needed refresher of statistical methods (content and application) for psychology research. He has also given guidance on using SPSS. Jamie has an extensive knowledge of statistics and is able to explain difficult concepts in a simple and digestible way. Jamie is also very professional, efficient during meetings, and quick to respond to emails- making the process of accessing help very easy. Jamie has made the very daunting task of statistical analysis much less stressful, perhaps even enjoyable!
I was feeling quite desperate after being given a stats assessment with very little guidance from my tutor. After googling around I found Jamie, I was a bit unsure at first but after our first meeting I knew I had made an excellent decision. Jamie is professional, understanding and a huge help He can explain complex things in an easy way and the dual working screen makes it easier to see what he means. I have since used Jamie's services a number of times and have never been disappointed, he really is a huge help and I would highly recommend him to all from undergrad to postgrad his knowledge is extensive.
Jamie is an excellent tutor. He is knowledgeable and professional. He helped me over skype and dropbox because I live in a different state (which I was a bit worried about at first), but it was easy as, just as good as meeting in person. The dude is super efficient and will definitely get you on the right track for anything stats related.

Psychology Statistics Tutor Profiles

Mr Jamie Moore

Jamie is a psychology statistics tutor who shamelessly gets excited when the results are statistically significant. Armed with over 8 years of statistics knowledge collected during years of study and working on major international projects, including AusAid funded initiatives – Jamie and his team will help you get the mark you want.

Jamie Moore Psychology Statistics Tutor
Mr Jamie Moore - Psychology Statistics Tutor



Jess is a psychology tutor who actually enjoys APA formatting and writing references lists from scratch. While her research career has focused on treatment trials examining the efficacy of online programs, her clinical experience has primarily been with children, adolescents and families. Jess is a writing master, and is able to support with assignments, theses and ethics applications – or any other writing project you may have.

Dr Jessica Kirkmam - Psychology Tutor
Dr Jessica Kirkman - Psychology Tutor


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